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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  February 9, 2013 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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>> ama: amount. searchers are focusing on big bear just east of los angeles. but tonight there are new developments in the hunt for christopher dorner. john alston is live with the latest. >> we've learned that doorer may have called the father of a shooting victim just to taunt him while his whereabouts are still unknown, police are learning more about his movements after the killing spree began. the latest piece of evidence is surveillance video from an out to parts store in san diego, appears to show him thoughing a military belt and a bullet magazine into a dumpster. it was reported on monday, two days after the body0s two of people were found in a parking lot. and police found weapons inside his burnedded truck which turned up near big bear lake. the truck had a broken axle. >> as l.a. mayor antonio villaraigosa made the plea to
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turn. in the police chief announced he is re-opening this investigation of dorner's firing. >> he wants to ensure that the public knows that the los angeles police department is fair and transparent. >> dorner is vowing revenge for his firing. abc news learn a man claiming to be dorner taunted former police captain randall quan after allegedly killing his daughter. the cop turned lawyer represented dohrner in his legal fight against the department. dorner told qualm he -- quan he should have done a better job protecting his daughter. >> some kind of warfare. >> a break in the weather allowed heat-sensing helicopters to such the mountains east of los angeles. skiers and vacationers enjoyed the snow as the manhunt continues nearby. offers have been checking hundreds of vacant cabins, not knowing if they're walking into a trap. >> and now airports are getting a warning that dorner has flight
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training and might try to steal a plane. the l.a. police chief met with the mother and daughter who were mistakenly shot by officers as they -- delivering newspapers. he said he arranged for donors to give a new truck. the two women retained an attorney. >> ama: new information tonight about the man arrested yesterday for trying to blow up a bank of america branch in oakland. 27-year-old matthew lines is charged with attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction. >> attorney cameron bowman represented him after the year was arrested at the father's san jose home for illegal possession of an ak-47 and a high capacity magazine. he said he is sad about the cline's involvement. >> police took matthew into custody april 27th on his
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father's san jose home. an attorney says his father called for help. >> he was held, they were going to checking transcribe problems. >> at the time math cruisely father told police about the ak-47 he had. the attorney says the extent of the mental health issues became clear. >> the court was concerned that he was at lest bipolar and probably schizophrenic and he had a history of delusional thinking, fan takes. >> according to the fbi criminal complaint he connected with their undercover operative shortly after being released fro jail as part of the planning for the oakland bank of america bomb plot, the fbi agent writes, he laughed and hug the undercover
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agent as he decided where their suv would be parked in order to inflict the maximum damage. the fbi fbi said he believed he was working with taliban operative. >> concerned that a mentally ill person might have been led into something by a government agency that maybe a person who did not sufficient from these issues would not have been led into. >> bowman said the good news is that it appears he did respond well to medication and treatment so he says it's unfortunate his client is now facing federal charges. >> ama: the highway patrol is investigating a fatal accident that tied up traffic for hours in the east bay. it happened on westbound i-80 in richmond. the chp says an suv hit the
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center divide and rolled several times. the 23-year-old man behind the wheel was and i would his passenger was injured. traffic was backed up for miles are offers investigated the accident. all lanes re-open after three hours. >> the woman killed on her bike in front half at&t park has been identity. dianne sullivan was involved in a collision with a cement truck traveling west across fro the ballpark. the driver of the truck is cooperating and it does not appear drugs or alcohol were involved. >> police in berkeley are dealing with an alarming spike in the number of rapes from last year, it's a 95% increase over 2011 when 20 cases were reported. police say the majority of the attacks involved students at uc berkeley, not on campus about at parties in surrounding neighborhoods where an estimate
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35,000 students live. >> definitely disturbing that i cannot feel safe in this community all the time and that is a very realistic threat. >> historically these types of things are underreport so we may be tapping into a little bit of that previously unreported issue. >> police say campus program encouraging friends of victims to report attacks could be one case for the increased number of cases. >> man who thought he was being a good sam marry tap end up in the hospital. a man jumped into the bay and swam toward a sinking boat. but the boat has been serving for the past few days and no one has claimed the vessel. the man has been drinking and jumped into the water thinking the had to rescue someone on the boat. >> leigh: the rest of the weekend looks terrific if you can get through the cold temperatures right now. let's look at live doppler 7 hd.
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we're switching live and we have clear sky. the north to northeast winds pushing the low clouds and fog off the coast and that's going to traps late with toe kole -- translate to cold temperatures. napa, upper 20s. 48 right now in san francisco. 44 in mountain view. 37 in livermore, and san jose, clear sky, 38 degrees. much warmer weather is due next week. we'll look at it. >> ama: in the northeast, cars are stuck in deep snow and utility crews are working on turning the lights back on. more than 650,000 people lost power in the big blizzard on the east coast. at 11: 30, the hardest hit areas. >> 2012 was a good year for wipe grape gores in california. the grape report shows last year was the largest crop on record, the average grape sold for 25% more than in 2011.
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the strong crop meant wine grewers -- analysts believe this year's crop won't be nearly as strong. >> the state of california is counting polleds after what amounts to a big garage sale today. hundreds of bargain hunters turn out for a state century mass auction in sacramento. the department of general services offered all sorts of items to the highest bidder, including confiscated property like julie, laptops, and cell phones seized at airports and traffic stops. >> surplus property, office furniture, computers, anything that the state has no use for, we're trying to generate revenue for the state of california. >> ama: unusual items including a mercedes. state officials expect to clear
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$100,000 from the sale. still to come, the new tool in the fight against escalating violence in oakland. what some say needs to be done right now. >> ama: the showdown featuring guns, officers, bad guys, and a movie star. the new attack on
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>> ama: there's a demand for peace in oakland. today self groups garyed to
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discussion solutions to violence that can also help the community heal. lisa amin gulezian has the story. >> at champ nation boxing gym in east lock land the fists were flying. this amateur boxing event drew a large crowd, but the gym's owner wants one thing, to make oakland a safer place by giving young people a focus. >> i'd like to see a lot of youu youngsters come into the gym and fill the gym up with a lot of young people, leaves lease -- >> lisa: and at frick middle school... tonight more than 100 people gathered to also find solutions to the growing crime problem in oakland. they called it a solutions for stress and vice lens free community. parents and teachers and students opened up about their experience. >> violence has reached a
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fevered pitch in the united states. >> last year there were 131 homicides in oakland and so far this year there have been eight. here's photos of just a few who have lost their lives recently, including the volunteer balance coach who was shot and killed february 1st. >> he was very exciting and made us happy. >> you can teach a whole freshman class or whole school how to manage their mind and manage their stress and deal with their trauma in a healthy way. >> this group will gather all the suggestions and put them into one e-mail and then they'll meet next month to talk about it in oakland, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> ama: the first day of the weekend's gun show in vallejo drew huge crowds. the turnout was bigger than anticipate it but not surprising the operator of the show says
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new lugs only drives customers to stock up on weapons and ammunition that may not be available in the future. it's the first of four gun shows scheduled in vallejo over the next six months. >> armed volunteers took part in an exercise to defend phoenix area schools against gunman. the brain-child or america's toughest sheriff, joe arpaio, who announced the plan after the connecticut school massacre elm he wants his volunteer posse to protect schools. >> anybody who has criticized me or the sheriff for standing up to help the children's an embarrassment. >> seguele is a martial arts expert. >> a capacity crowd filled at&t park for the giants' annual fan fest today.
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lots of miling faces. more than 42,500 of them actually. the world series champions met with fans and signed autographs and also chance to go hip the scenes to places like the giants clubhouse which are normally offlimits to the public. >> my third year running. i think it's become a tradition now. i'll be here for the rest of my lifetime. >> had a lot of player sightings, which has been fun. just to be part of the support system for our favorite team. >> ama: to ease congestion the organizers displayed the trophies at the trophy pa vessellan on pier 48 the giants start spring training in arizona on tuesday. >> a special guest stole the show at an ice hockey game. take a look at what happened during the national anthem at the con door's game. the singer didn't miss a beat. the con door got away from her wrangler. so the birdman tried to catch
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her but ended up on the ice. the conner to evenly makes it into the players tunnel. i think all are safe tonight. let's get to leigh and a check on the weather. >> leigh: a few more days before temperatures warm up. it's cold out there. live doppler 7hd right now showing you just a few of the high clouds to the north. we'll go ahead and put the clouds into motion. you can see much of the action is moving from land to sea. this is a nice little slight offshore wind component. so clear sky tonight. that will definitely give way to cold temperatures. already 33 in napa, 36 novato, you get the story. interior north bay, upper 20s tomorrow morning. sap frearntion 48. 36, half moon bay, 38, san jose, livermore, 37. here's a look at the forecast. we'll go with clear sky, cold
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night. frost inland. sunny for our sunday. temperatures warm slightly. and then as we head into next week, get ready for a nice gradual warmup. by next thursday and friday, we're talking about temperatures close to 70 degrees. no rain in our accuweather seven-day forecast. lows tonight. 29, napa. 28, cloverdale. more than likely the coldest spots. then we'll move into the 40 range with oakland, 40. tomorrow morning. 45, san francisco. 36, half moon bay. even your freezing for livermore. so north bay and east bay, protected valley areas tbherks bet of frost. >> the wind tonight keeping us clear, driving down the cold are air mass. it will moderate a little tomorrow as high pressure starts to build in fair weathermaker. the storm tracker is will to the north and will stay there for the next five to seven days.
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so dry and mild through next week. by thursday and friday, the high will position itself a little closer to us and that's when we'll get the offshore winds. that is why we're looking for temperatures to warm up close to 70. >> pebble beach tomorrow, 7:00 a.m., 40 degrees and clear and cold. around lunchtime, warming up into the 50s, and then temperatures start to bottom out into the low 50s around 3:30, 4:00. coal napa tomorrow morning, but rebound nicely, 62. 59 for antioch. 61 with sunshine for san jose. santa cruz, 60. 61, salinas, and there's the monterey at 66. here's the seven-day forecast. you will like it. milder on monday. mid-60s. monday and tuesday. and then shows offshore winds pick up, wednesday and thursday, near 70.
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across parts of the bay area, and then we'll just call it dry next friday and saturday. so there you have it. >> thank you, leigh. shu has sports and it's the a nice change with the weather. >> mike: it was glorious at pebble beach for the at&t pro-am and who else, but bill murray entertaining fans. we'll have them all and a little we'll have them all and a little golf for you next in [ male announcer ] with citibank it's easy for jay to deposit checks from anywhere.
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>> mike: let's head down to the monterey peninsula, third round of the at&t pro-am. last call for amateurs to make the cut. phil mickelson, rough day. slips on 18 looking for his ball. he is okay but 11 shots back. bill murray, second straight year will not play on sunday. he doesn't care. goes out in style. the long birdie on ten, and then like all actors, gives the camera a little love. last year's fedex cup champ,
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brandt snedeker, trying to break through at pebble. great approach on 8. the great one, wayne gretzky, playing partner this weekend is dustin johnson, who is dating gretzky's daughter. he will play on sunday. >> snedeker again. shot a 4-under 68, tapped that in for others birdie. some of these celebrities can play. check out andy garcia. the tee shot on the 17. get a nice little bounce, rolls just short of the cup. looks like an ace. how excited. three inches. i'll give him that putt. jim harbaugh, a good place to get over his super bowl loss. the 30-footer here. and he nails it for a net eagle he'll be playing on sunday. here's your leaderboard, brand snedeker, and james hahn, tied
11:24 pm
at 12-under. >> sharks hosting the coyotes today in a mat name. final game before the road trip. all about the goalize, antti niemi, 23 safees. mike smith, for the coyotes, 33 saves, robbing braun in the third. the game went to a shootout. smith, stopping james shepherd, fourth shutout of the year for him. and neimi gave up two goals. sharks lose their fourth straight. 1-0. >> thought overall really good game. just one game -- a hard-fought game, played clean, but when you're -- it's frustrating because you might win. >> trying to get guys going and getting scoring. i don't think we're playing poorly. >> the sharks not the only local team to have lost four straight. warriors are in the same boat, ending a fewer-game road trip
11:25 pm
routh a victory. dallas took their
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>> mike: the warriors can't win on the road. hosted by dallas, ending a four game trip and they lose all four. their fourth game in five nights. we have one highlight. jefferson, only five points but jams it home. mayo, catches golden state napping. between defenders. he had 19. david lee. three of the warriors' 15 turnovers. warriors trail by 26 at the half. mavericks having fun in the second half. nice pass to mayo for the finish. goalen state are ready to come home. 116-91 your final. >> college hoops, st. mary's and san diego, first half, johnny d misses the three, bounced back to him, this time he makes it.
11:29 pm
he had 19. three seconds left. matthew devil a -- gaels up by two. 'm gaels now 21-4. with a 74-64 victory. stanford at arizona state. john gay, strong off the bench for the cardinal. 3-4 from 3-point land. 11 in the game. stanford led by eight at the half. and paul led the cardinal with 22. stanford holds off the sun devils 6 2-59. this abc7 sports report brought to you by river rock casino. coming up, giants looking forward to spring training. >> ama: still to come, the night after, the damage and the heartache after the big northeast blizzard. after months of problems can the boeing dreamliner is but to the test in washington.
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one of america's favorite funny ladies and tonight she is under attack.
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>> ama: good evening. in tonight's headlines. as the manhunt for christopher dohrn unanimous continues, surveillance video was released. police are searching near big bear lake where his truck was found two days ago. >> a fatal accident on westbound i-80 in richmond this afternoon tied up traffic for hours. a 23-year-old man was pronounced dead after his suv flipped several times. a 28-year-old passenger was hospitalized. >> a 48-year-old san francisco woman riding her bike was killed
11:34 pm
following a collision with a see men truck. the truck driver is cooperating. >> the alameda county sheriff's office is asking for help in finding a 73-year-old hey heyward man who walked away. the is 5'2", 136 pounds,mer burg has early onset dim dementia. he was walking on the road wearing a faded black sweatshirt and orange hat. >> it will take days to clear roads and restore power after the winter storm that swept over the northeast. reporter: the bitter night after the big blizzard. snows through still have so much to clear from this massive storm that impacted more than 40 million people. >> does look like a hurricane
11:35 pm
eye? it certainly does. as the storm pulls away from the coastline, the central pressure is low enough to be kind of similar to a coot gore 1 hurricane. reporter: the nor nor'easter cad hurricane force winds, whipping up tides. damage and rescue in coastal communities as the snow more than three feet in some areas, reeked havoc in other parts of the northeast. on long island drivers spent the day trapped on snow-covered streets, making them second-guess the decision to drive in the storm. >> never. never, ever. i would never do this again. >> roads still closed. many flights still grounded. a frustrating day for some. a heartbreaking day for others. the storm being blamed for at least five deaths, including that of a 12-year-old in boston, overcome by carbon monoxide fumes as his father tried to dig their car out of the snow. >> i'm assuming the son got cold
11:36 pm
so the father told him to sit in the car, and then next thing you know, the father starts screaming, he's not breathing. >> tonight, mourning after a storm that won't be forgetten for so many reasons. >> very scary last night. >> the aftermath so extreme mass transit is still shut town here in boston. but at logan airport, flights are finally exhibited to resume -- finally expected to resume tonight. >> ama: the storm caused thousands of flight cancellations nationwide. a total of 23 flights were cancelled to sfo. to check on the status of your flight at any time, use flight tracker on >> a test flight of the 78 'dreamliner approved uneventful today. the faa allowed the test so boeing could check the
11:37 pm
performance of the patry. the batteries have been at the center of several issues, including a fire that led to the faa authorities to ground the entire dreamliner fleet. now to hollywood, and the war on weight. actress mel lace mccarthy was given a scathing review by a tv critic about her size, and she is not the only one being criticized for her weight. >> mel lace mccarthy is one of the hottest actresses in hollywood. star of the new move virk identity thief. reviewed have been mixed but veteran critic rex reed's scathing write up got personal, calling her tractor sized and a hippo. his comments set off an online and twitter fire storm of support for the actress, and while mccarthy hasn't spoken publicly about this she has talked candidly about her weight in the past. >> think that's going to happen?
11:38 pm
i have a great husband and work every day and do what i want. >> that work, stealing seasons scenes like this one. >> somebody found a souvenir. >> skillfully using her body to comedic advantage. >> she can open a movie and lead a movie and do everything from slap stick to more intelligent comedy. >> mccarthy is not the only one under fire for her weight. this week, new jersey governor chris christie poke fun at his own size on letterman, and when a doctor publicly voice concern about his health, the famously con front additional governor fired back. >> completely irresponsible. he should shut up. >> and adele had a comment she was a little too fat and told "60 minutes". >> i'd rather see magazine covers than me in videos. >> and that kind of personal criticisms not stopping melissa mccarthy at the top of her
11:39 pm
game, comfortable in her own skin, and getting the last laugh. >> and mccarthy's role in bride's maids earned her an oscar knock neighbors for best sporting actress. abc7 this only place to watch the oscars on february 24th. san francisco kicked off the chinese new year celebrations in the financial district today. [drumming] [drumming] the mayor took part in the year of the sir pant. a lions dance and martial arts demonstration at the westfield center rounded out the celebration. >> in beijing, fireworks lit up the night sky for the beginning of the chinese new year can the new year is a traditionally a time for fireworks displays generous bab quits.
11:40 pm
this year the chinese authorities asked the public to set off fewer fireworks to reduce pollution. >> still to come at 11:00, the must-have medical tests for all women. what doctors recommend for each stage of your life. >> for those who may be traveling back east, we'll check out with live doppler 7hd. see if the snow is still falling. we'll tack a
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there's no doubt your body changes as you age, and for women, knowing what tests should be taken when is an important part of staying healthy. our health and science reporter has a closer look at the latest recommendations. >> she is eating more fresh foods and getting exercise but like a lot ofwoman in her 20s she has outgrown her pete trix and has put off an allcheckup. >> as far as female exams i'm clueless. >> in their 20s women need to start getting a pap smear. and vaccines they might be eligible for. >> doctors say recommendses for women in their 20s include vaccines for tetanus, diphtheria, and whopping cough and blood tests for hepatitis. there's a newer recommendation that could have as much effect
11:44 pm
on preventing cervical cancer. this women's health specialist in san francisco. >> the hpd vac neighbors, two types available in the united states. >> she says hpv vaccine, while recommended in childhood, can still benefit many women in their 20s. >> in fact, it will cover up to age 26. >> moving into their 30s, halve experts say women need to be screened for conditions that make become more dane juice. >> by age 30, american women, we want to make sure they have their baseline cholesterol checked to see if they inherited the genes that lead to ai here risk of heart disease. >> she also recommends baseline mammograms for women who may be starting families. but women in their 40s still recommends yearly mammography. >> we detect a significant number of those rare cancers
11:45 pm
that can rise in women between age 40 and 50, in our breast center. >> she also suggests glee coast testing to monitor risk for diabetes. another recommendation, an eye exam. besides vision problems, this optometrist says thorough eye exams can detect other teaches. >> the we check out diabetes, hypertension, and multiple sclerosis. >> for women in the 50s, spotting colon cancer. >> age 50, you get screened and many women who need a bone density as well. >> women can expect to see a lot of changes as they go through life and doctors say the screenings they get long the way could make the difference in their health. >> i'm going to make that a priority, maybe a new year's resolution. >> ama: the doctor says one final recommendation for her
11:46 pm
younger female patients. doesn't involve a test but a short edcautional talk on contraception, instructions on how to perform a self-breast exam. >> let get one more check on the weather with leigh glaser. >> leigh: most of the snow has stopped back east. but boston, close to 25 inches of snow. in the last 24 hours. looking at d. -- live doppler 7hd, all clear in this region, if you're traveling, minneapolis to denver, this this big concern tomorrow, already blizzard watches are posted for that part of the country. 75 tomorrow in new orleans with scattered showers and thunderstorms. st. louis, morning rain, afternoon sun, salt lake, a little light snow. 30 degrees there southern california, 60 for l.a. san diego, mixture of sun and
11:47 pm
clouds, 58 degrees. traveling to tahoe? brilliant sunshine. the snow in the forecast. 35 and 58 for big sur. so here's a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. a warmer weather pattern, going tobe delightful all week long. tuesday and wednesday, temperatures back up into the mid-60s, and by wednesday and thursday, we're talking temperatures with slight offshore winds developing near 70 degrees. it's going to feel like spring around here instead of february and winter. friday and saturday. we'll continue with dry conditions. >> ama: thank you, leigh, and don't forget it's val len teen's day, and i love it because we're getting into baseball season. >> mike: the giants are gearing up for spring training, pitchers and catchers report on tuesday, and the fans got their fill with the fan fest at at&t park. the g-men looking ahead to
11:48 pm
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11:50 pm
spring training just around the corner, pitchers and catchers report to camp this tuesday. always tough to repeat as world series champions. after the 2010 season the giants failed to make the playoffs, partly due to injuries that plagued them all season. looking to repeat, san francisco brought back core players,
11:51 pm
including all starting position players. last year steamed be a team of destiny. and had a team chemistry never had. >> want to watch how baseball probably was designed to be played and what i feel a true baseball team. that was it for me. i really enjoyed playing. the fans loved it but the players did, too. >> the most important thing. so they'll never be able to take away from the city of san francisco what way achieved here. two out of three. we want to make it three out of four. >> i think it's exciting to have a chance to play with the same group of guys we felt we had such a good chemistry, and everybody is going to continue to work hard and get better. >> it's good to have continuity. they know me. i know them. they know each other. and part of having a good club is playing well together, and these guys have done that and have a history of it. so bring them back.
11:52 pm
and makes it a lot easier. >> here we go again. let's head down the monterey peninsula, third round of the at&t national pro-am. last call for amateurs to make the cut. phil mickelson looking for his ball on 18, falls on his rear en. bill murray, his usual antics. and for the second straight year, murray will not play on sunday but goes down fighting after the long birdie on 10. and like all actors, ready for his closeup. that's a little too close. last year's fedex champ, brandt snedeker, finished second in the last two events, trying to break through at pebble. loom at the approach on 8. the great one, wayne gretzky, his playing partner is dustin johnson, he is dating fret ski's daughter. how awkward is that? what a day snedeker had. 4-under 6. hit approach on 9, just sticks
11:53 pm
it. then there are some celebrities that have game. andy garcia,. tee shot on the par-3 17th. a tough green to hit. not only does he role it up. there looks like it's going in the hole. ended up about three inches. kickin birdie 49er head coach, jim harbaugh, a in place to get over his super bowl loss. jim will be playing on sunday. tied for eighth behind amateur leader tony romo. >> the leaderboard, former cal bear, james hahn tied withed? -- with snedeker. >> the warriors cannot win on the road. defense all of a sudden seems to be optional. this this the warriors' fourth game in five nights. here's one highlight. richard jefferson. but that's it. mayo, former usc trojan catches
11:54 pm
golden state napping. hello. how about some defense. he had 19 on the night. and turnovers a big problem. david lee had three of the warriors' 15. warriors trail at the half. mavericks toying with them in the second half. goal 'state shot only 38% from the field. drop all four games on the road. 116-91 the final. >> college hoops. manti te'o on hand for notre dame and louisville this. game was decided in not one, not two not three, not four, but five overtimes. notre dame, finally pulls through. eric adkins for the lead. louisville, one last chance, doesn't go. and notre dame beats louisville, five overtimes, three hours and 40 minutes for a college basketball game. 104-101 that final. >> sharks hosting the it to coit tees in a mat -- mat -- matinee.
11:55 pm
antienemy me, me save. piping smythe for the coyotes, 33 saves. this game went to a shootout. smith just stuffed the effort. fourth shutout for smith. vrbat, the back hander for the win. sharks lose fourth straight. 1-0, in a shootout. >> this abc sports robert brought to you by river rock casino and we'll have thor 2013 pebble beach champion tomorrow, jim harbaugh, nice to see him playing on sunday with the amateurs. >> that's it for this edition of abc7 news. the news continues tomorrow captioned by closed captioning services inc. ♪ yeeeowwww!
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